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Les Cygnes Noirs ~ Lolitas of Western Australia
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Les Cygnes Noirs
founded March 2007

This community is run by and serves the Lolitas of Perth, Western Australia. It was created in the hopes of providing an organized base from which to arrange events, encourage new lolitas to take part and sponsor a sense of friendship and community in those of us with an interest in the fashion. Membership is open to citizens of Perth and Western Australia who have an interest in Lolita and associated fashions. We welcome everyone who wants to learn about the subculture, build their lolita wardrobes and join us for fun events, including everything from sewing and movie days to formal Tea parties and picnics!

What is Lolita?

Lolita is a japanese street fashion that has been steadily growing in popularity for about two decades now. The central concept of Lolita is much debated, but it is most often considered to resemble a mixture of 18th and 19th century period fashion, usually with a child or doll-like appearance. The hallmark of lolita fashion is knee length skirts in a characteristic "bell" shape supported by panniers or petticoats. There are many sub styles of lolita, the most popular being; Sweet (pastel colours and an emphasis on cute) Gothic (darker, more elegant with gothic fashion influence) Classic (elegant, refined and more mature) and Punk (an edgy, punkish take on the style.)

Other styles associated with Lolita and accepted by this community are Gothic Aristocrat, Dandy and Kodona. Gothic Aristocrat is a more mature version of Gothic Lolita and resembles western gothic in many ways but tends to be more historically inspired and is always modest. Dandy is a term more loosely used for the male version of Lolita and is accepted in our group as the most basic style for male members to dress in. It usually includes a nice victorian-esque suit with an optional hat, cane and gloves. Kodona is "prince" style, and is the younger boyish version of Dandy. Usually it involves knee length pants, a frilly blouse and a hat of some sort. All of these styles can be worn by either gender.

For more information on Styles please read The Style Guide

History of Lolita Timeline
The Lolita Handbook
fatalfille's Lolita Essay
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LJ Community Rules

1) Membership is moderated, but you should be accepted once I've checked you're from Western Australia and aren't a known troublemaker or anything.
2) New members are asked to post a self introduction, including the following:

Preferred Style:
What "Lolita" means to you:
How you got in to the fashion:
We would like to see at least one photo of you in your prefered style. If you haven't got one a normal photo will suffice.

3) All posts must somehow relate to lolita and associated fashions.
4) Be nice. No flaming, mockery, general bitchiness etc. We're all adults here (even if we still wear frilly dresses ^_~)
5) Posts with more than one photo should place the rest under a cut.
6) You can post sales once, everything goes under a cut. This includes advertising your own store/brand/stall.
7) Constructive criticism only! I can not stress this enough, when people are posting their first attempts at Lolita please be sensitive to their feelings!
8) If you have a problem with another member, keep it outside the community. No Dramas Please.