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me championship

ilumiari in perth_lolita

Wonderland Teaparty, May 31st

"Alice will show you just how to have an unreal teaparty, with oh so proper etiquette, fanciful food and drinks served on the very best china, and lots of Wonderland fun and games"

The Fairy Shop in Fremantle has recently expanded with a quaint little shop next door that offers Wonderland teaparties. Given everyone's enthusiasm when we came across it at the last meetup, I've gone ahead and made a tentative booking for 11.30 am Sunday, May 31st. If you would prefer Saturday, May 30th please comment. I'll announce the finalised date on Wednesday.

The price will be $16.50 per person. I need to have at least 9 people interested to make this go ahead. I need to let them know final numbers by next weekend so that I can pay a deposit. If you want to come along please leave a comment with your email address and the number of tickets you want so that I can forward you my bank details. I will need payment upfront, preferably before next weekend. I'm afraid this is necessary so that I'm not stuck paying for anyone who might pull out at the last minute.

Wonderland Tearoom, Flying Teapots
Shop 8, The Piazza, South Terrace, Fremantle
11.30-12.30 Sunday, 31st May

EDIT - Saturday seems to be better, so I'll look at getting the date changed. How is 4pm Saturday for everyone?


Is the date set in stone? The only reason I ask is that due to Roli's schedule he's only in town alternate weekends and we play Shadowrun on the Sundays... I'm already uprooting next week's schedule with a doll meet and then this would be two sessions in a row. XD;;;
It isn't, the Saturday would be ok for me too. Will edit the original post.
I would love to come, but I can only make it on Sunday as I have an exam on Saturday. I guess I'll see what the final date will be then.
Is your exam an afternoon one? If it is a morning one would you consider Saturday afternoon?
I have a wedding to go to on that Sunday :/ so I can't make it unless its saturday. I'd really love to come though!
I've got a wedding in the afternoon as well, which is why I chose the morning session. Chances are that I will change it to Saturday.
I'm in for whenever ^^

E-mail is the same as my MSN, 1 ticket for now.. *bugs Craig about whether he wants to go*

Oh also, is there a concession price, or is it all the same?

Edited at 2009-05-10 12:27 pm (UTC)
Fraid not, it's $165 for 10 people basically, no matter the age...
I won't be able to make it unfortunately. Will still be in Margaret River :(
Nevermind though. There will be other meets <3
That's a shame, I didn't realise how long you were in Margaret River!
there's a teaparty shop??? That sounds amazing. Count me in, I will check with a few people I know to see if they are also interested, so I'll comment again tomorrow with my final numbers :)

Yay! I'm so excited!
I'd love to come (This weekend being a school long-weekend). But would it be possible to just to pay on the day by yourself? Because I won't be able to let you know for sure that I can come by this weekend due to some transporting problems. D: (And due to the fact I don't know where in Fremantle this is ^^;)
I forgot to add in - "Pay on the day by yourself AND still be able to sit with you guys :3"
Sorry for asking so many questions ^^;
I'd like to go if it's at 4pm on Sat. Email is sandra.tan at gmail, I'll have one ticket please. ^_^
i'll go... if its not too much of an issue that i dont drink tea. or coffee. is there an alternative for me?
I'll ask them.
I'd love to come along since work has kindly given me the day off, how long will it go for? My boyfriend's band is playing that night and I also have another b'day party to attend. So busy >_< Thank you for organising this, it sounds fun!

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