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Final Arrangements, November Meet: Ice-Skating

I'm so sorry for the long wait X____________X
But; I have come with the date and time - whatnot.

Cockburn Ice Arena
239 Barrington Street
BIBRA LAKE Western Australia

1.30 - 3.30 PM on Saturday, 28th November

Price: $17 (Skate-On) or $12 with own skates.

I'm sorry to those who can't come D: 14th was too close of a date from now. Sorry! I hope most of you do come though! It'll be fun!
And just to let you know; I'll most likely either stand outside the rink with a sign. Or near the lockers at the rink. Depends how full-on it is going to be on the day.

Will be waiting to see you on the day<3


Arrrgh, my partner's doing the Santa thing for his daughter and his suit fitting is that day. D: He says he'll try to get it done in the morning, but yeah, I guess I'm a maybe now. :(
Awww; I hope you do come though! *______* Because I don't think I've met you at the last meet ;O;
No, I wasn't at the last meet, I'm afraid! I haven't been to any meets in Perth yet, I've only been here since July. I really want to meet the local lolitas!
I really do hope you can come to the meet then! :3
I'll also be a maybe, but most likely not. But dont be shocked if I randomly rock up! haha. ^_^
Naw; Won't be!
But I'd love it if you could come :)
We don't have to RSVP do we? I'm doing Nanowrimo and I might be frantically writing since that's the last weekend to finish it off, but I do want to go! : 3
But it would be nice to know who will be there ;3
I hope you can come!
This early on in the month, I can say I'll be there. But things might come up later on so I suppose I'll just have to say that for now, I'm coming and if anything changes, I'll let you know.

I would really like to come though. Even if ice-skating kills me *is weak* Dx
I hope you do come ;A;
I should be there ^_________^
There's a tiny chance I won't be able to make it, or that I'll be late, but I doubt it, since you've given so much notice for the date.

SO excited!!
Are people actually wearing loli gear whilst skating? (That would be so adorable!)
Yep! Loli gear and all :D
I'm excited to meeting you again~ :3
Yay!! I'm so excited, I can't wait for Saturday~
I'll be there :) and hopefully so will harukakaka.
Yay~ :D
Well, since I no longer has job, I will definitely be coming >__<
I invited a couple of friends, but I have no idea if they'll come too.

Completely unrelated musing but... The BTSSB Twinkle Snow dress would be pretty appropriate, ne? ^_^ (I love that there is a Perfume song to match that dress, too :)
The more the merrier ;3
I love ice skating, but I'm in Queensland so i can't come T_T
Awww; That sucks D:
We'll have to make another ice-skating meet in the future if this one is a success ;O;
Put me down as a maybe. I'll be kind of busy around then so I might not be able to make it. Hopefully I'll see you guys though.
Okay! I hope you do come :)
Darn, I would love to come (especially since it's down the road from me) but I've already booked a PAniC advertising run the exact same day and time. If only it was the night session...

...but hey, come to Wai-con, ya'll XD
Awwww; That sucks D: (I was looking forward to meeting the president of PAniC! X3) Good Luck with the advertising run though! :)
Definitely coming to Wai-Con though 8D *cannot miss Wai-Con for anything else*

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