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November Meet: Ice-Skating

Sorry everyone; I've been getting side-tracked this week.
Since we have quite a number of people interested - I think the ice-skating meet should go forward :D

And now, the choosing. For the entry - there is, like I said before, the $20 (Birthday Party Option - but there are limited numbers on this one - because there'll be a maximum number of people) and the $17 Option. Which will be; meet at the rink - bring small snacks to share and skate and eat. (And this way - if someone backs out, it'll be fine, because you won't have to pay upfront ^^)

And for the date. I was thinking either the 14th, 21st or 28th of November. (Each day is a Saturday at 1.30 - 3.30PM - the session time)
Thanks! (And if you have any problems with either date or something like that, tell me - because I'd like to accommodate the date that is best for everyone).


I used to work at the ice arena and personally I say go with the normal option. The stuff you get with the birthday party is pretty crap even if it's only a few dollars more. I think it would be better if we all just brought something and asked if they could reserve a table for us.

You can also get big group bookings, but I think that's only profitable if you have more than 30 people, which is unlikely.
Yeah - I like the normal option as well personally :D
and for group bookings - I agree, highly doubt we'll get over 30 but once we all agree on a date and whatnot, I'll ask them if they can reserve a table for us ^^
So I'm guessing that you're okay with all three dates? :3
I also vote normal option.
I'd prefer the 14th, I'm not free on the other Saturdays.
I can't do the 14th.
Possibly I won't be able to make it at all, though, since I usually work til 2pm on Saturdays. We shall see :)
Sorry to double post, just realised how negaitve my comment seemed.
As long as I have a particular date to notify my work with, I will probably be fine :)
(as long as it's not Nov 14).

I'm late, but I'm interested in going!

The dates, I can't do the 14th, and neither can Sanyu as we both have exams on the 16th.

The 28th would be the best date for me. I don't have all my exam times yet, there might be one before the 21st, I'm not sure yet. So yeah, 28th would be ideal. :)

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