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(Possible) November Meet - Ice-Skating?

Hi everyone!
[info]duriretlan and I have been wondering - is anyone up for ice-skating for a (possible) November meet-up? (Just because the Saturday tea party meet was awesome and fun~)
 If this is going forward - there are two options:
1) Birthday Party
This may be silly but for the "Birthday Party Option" the Cost is $20 and it includes: entry, skates, hot chips or pizza (whichever you prefer - you get to choose on the day), small drink, lolly bag, 2 for $20 pass and a reserved table.
2) Skate-On
The cost for this option is $17 - but basically, it's a "pay and skate when you come option" - suggestion for food for this option is that everyone brings some snacks or nibblies to share.

As for the date - we're thinking somewhere in Mid-November to Late-November-ish. (And it'll be on a Saturday 1.30 - 3.30PM Session)
If you're wondering anything else about the ice-rink or what-not, the website is: http://www.cockburnicearena.com.au/
So... Who's up for it?


ooooh! I haven't been ice skating in aaaaaaaaaaages =)
I'm totally up for it.
Not to be troublesome, but is there a Sunday option? (I usually work Saturdays, but probably with this much notice it's okay...)

If we go with the $17 option, I will bake cupcakes =)
As long as it's after the 13th of November, I'm fine. Before that I have exams.

I'll probably be after the 13th of November :D (Don't think we can plan that fast *_____*)
Hm... Sunday. There is a Sunday option - but it depends on everyone as well ^^
Sure thing =)
Either way should be okay, so long as I have lots of notice to give my work...

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