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Wonderland Tea Party - October 17th

OK, we have a solid date. Our Wonderland Lolita Tea Party will be held October the 17th at 11.30am. I will book the session next week, so I'll be collecting ticket money until then!

Please leave me your e-mail address (either in a comment or PM it to me) so that I can send you my bank details. Each ticket is $16, so if you had planned to bring guests please send their payment along with yours. I prefer bank transfer over all other methods, but if this is a dire problem let me know in your comment and we can work something out :)

2 more spots are open (see previous entry), so if you still want to come you can! I'm making the booking around the 23rd of September (next Wednesday), so please let me know before then, as it might be difficult to alter later.
We're all filled up X) Hopefully we get to have more meetups before the year's over though so look out for them, or suggest some places or activities if you find something neat!

Abridged Info:

Wonderland Tearoom, Flying Teapots
Shop 8, The Piazza, South Terrace, Fremantle

11.30am Saturday, 17th October

Tickets: $16 per person (to be paid before next week)


I would love to come but unfortunately I have a wedding this day to attend :( Oh well, next time.
I'll do something with you on the 24th instead if you want :)

I do want us to have more meetups though, so the next one won't be months and months away (I hope xD). If nobody else organises them and I want one, I'll do it. I'm not very good at it but it's only 20 or less people usually anyway so it isn't too hard I guess XD
Myself and my friend Eva will be delighted to attend ^_^
I have 2 other parties to go to that day and I may be working while you are having it, I'm sad I'll be missing out. I hope you have a good time.
Would you mind if it was bank transfer? (I changed my mind again, because I talked to my parents and they said they would rather do a bank transfer XD)
BTW, I'm not sure if you got my message or not... but would it be possible for me to bring another friend? (Or is it fully booked?)
I dont know if my friend will want to attend, I've messaged her. So its either one or two people for me, is there enough room for us both?
I'll definitely be there! :D Can you PM me your bank details so I can transfer money to you?
ttendersugar [at] gmail [dot] com
(Please note that I only have internet access at my parents house and it is easier to contact me via phone for anything that requires immediate attention ^^.)
Noted :)

I really want to come, but its all full T_T

Let me know if any spots open up ^__^
hi :)
just letting you know that i will be a bit late, probably arriving at 12 or 12:30. sorry! i have a japanese class on from 9:30 to 11:30 that i am starting this weekend, so i didnt realise until just then! dont wait for me to start, i'll be there as soon as i can. my mobile is 0417735310 if you change from the tearoom before i get there. my friend will also probably be late as well. :) sorry!!!
I'm not sure when it finishes but Jovana mentioned a time before, and I think it doesn't go for very long, so please hurry to get there ASAP in case you miss it! That would be sad D:
I know this is a bit of a late question, but I was wondering if you have any idea what time we will finish? (just trying to organise my day :)
Previous meetup organiser said 12.30 I think (or it could have been 1.30, it was a few months ago, memory fart :X), but I didn't ask the place (silly me.. ) and I think Eugene wanted to take some photos, depending on what other people wanna do and the weather and such we could be roaming around Fremantle until whenever :P You're welcome to leave after the tea party if you have other arrangements though :) I'm sorry I don't have a better answer!
Thanks for that information :)

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