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Tea Party

lolita_maiden and I were wondering, is anyone interested in a meet up for mid-to-late October? Specifically, the one we planned for May that didn't end up going ahead? Click here for the proposal post from then.

Any interest? I'd love to see this go ahead!

List of our possible attendees so far:
1. lolita_maiden (+1 friend)
3. cecemarie
4. harukakaka
5. skwerlie
6. emah
7. imuin
8. 8cake (+1 friend)
10. iblusia (if it's on the 17th) or jasmineflame (if it's on the 24th)
11. Eugene
12. hellotiffy
13. nekolalia

Please PLEASE tell me if you definitely plan to bring extra guests! I will harass you lots if you have mentioned bringing guests but don't get back to me epicly epic soon! xD

16/9 : I called Flying Teapots and we can have a maximum of 15 people! I want to make a booking next week, when I talk to lolita_maiden I will be making a new post about this~

What dates and days are good for you guys? :D
So far, I'm thinking the 17th or the 24th. Any objections? I like 11.30am as well, but it will depend on the time we can book I suppose.
From the website:
Times available: 11.30am, 2pm, 4pm
Cost: $165 for ten or less, $14 each over that. We recommend max 12 (It can stay ever so genteel then)
So that would be 16.50 each if we get 10, or if we get 11 it'll be a tiny bit cheaper! :P

I'll give them a call on Wednesday or Thursday. If we have enough people interested and a solid time by then I'll make a booking!

19/9 : We're full!
1. lolita_maiden
2. cecemarie
3. harukakaka
4. skwerlie
5. emah
6. imuin
7. 8cake
8. iblusia
10. hellotiffy
11. nekolalia
12. Eugene
13. Guest (friend of aly)
14. Guest (friend of karlee)
15. Guest (friend of emma)


I'd be interested! : D We get back into Perth the first weekend in October and might want the second weekend to get the house back in order, but I don't think I've made any plans or anything so far. : )
I've edited the post a little~ Let me know which date is better for you if you have a preference :)
I don't think I have anything planned for October at all so either one should be equally fine for me! ^^
me too! sounds like fun :)

I just edited my post, so give it a once over again and let me know what's good for you :)
Are you still cool for the meet up, and do you have a preference for which day? I want to make sure we have enough people by next week so I can gather the ticket money and make a booking, that's all~ :)
I'm up for it! Need to get on to selling/buying stuff though - I don't have anything to make co-ordinates from anymore! > . <;
I'm sure whatever you come up with is adorable! If you want to get onto it you've got about a month. I added some dates to my post so let me know if you can still come or if you're busy.
Please don't let Claire already be booked for either Saturdays *fingers crossed* T^T!! The Lolita gods must be nice to us! :P:P
Pffft. Claire is booked most Saturdays! BF usually steals me Fridays but he only really needs me Sat arvo/night (wrestling), so I'll just see him later ;P Claire really needs Friend time! ; O ;
Sounds good to me ^____^
Cool~ Let me know when's most convenient for you. I added a couple of dates ^^
I am busy on the night of the 17th (concert :), but otherwise either date is fine with me ^___^ I may also know one or two people interesting in coming.
If I can get the 11.30am booking on the 17th that'd be cool with you? :)

Oh also, if you can let me know how many you're inviting soon that would be good, I'm going by their max number of 12 so I don't want to accidentally go over that. I don't think it would be too bad but I'm not sure how they are for space! ^^;

Edited at 2009-09-15 12:06 am (UTC)
I'm sorry to rush you! I feel like I'm rushing a bit XD Butttt I was wondering anyway, whether you know how many guests you're bringing if you're still thinking of inviting some? Do they have a preference on which day? :P
Okay, I have myself and one other person who can come :)
Both dates are fine for both of us ^_^
Brilliant, thanks for getting back to me!!
I'm up for it if it's on the 17th. My thesis is due on the 26th so I just know I won't have time to be out and about on the 24th.
I'll put you down on the list of those interested then, so far the 17th is looking very probable :)
Awesome! Thanks. :)
I can do the 24th of October, in which case, I will come ^^

But if it's the 17th, no can do :( I have a wedding to attend.
*raises hand* I would like to come :).
Oh yeah, Are we allowed to bring non-loli friends? :3
I suppose so, but since it's a Lolita meetup and there are limited spots I'd think Lolitas get first dibs :P we only have a 1 or 2 spots left if 8cake is still bringing friend/s~ If not, we have 3 left.

edit: OK, max is now 15 and not 12, so I think we're good for spots xD

Edited at 2009-09-16 06:18 am (UTC)
Also, I hope you don't mind that I posted about this meet-up on oz_lolita ^^;
Because there might be more Perth lolitas there >:3
I'd love to come! Didn't make it to the last meet and finally have some clothes to wear ^_^

Wedding and party on the 16th though, so that day is a no-go for me!
So 17th is a no go? :(
17th would be fine for me, just not the 16th :)

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